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[5] Lara Martin – Flutter: Mobile Development for Busy People

25th March 2019 – 6PM CET

 Lara Martin is our next guest! She’s an Android Developer working at Berlin.

 Her talk will be about Flutter! And how Flutter allows programmers and designers to experiment and play with their app’s user interface, and create experiences that run at 60 fps with the look and feel of the Android and iOS native components.


Join and send me your questions to ask her during the interview!

Link to the recording

[4] Nate Ebel – What Android devs wish they had known when starting out

5th March 2019 – 3 PM CET

Nate Ebel is joining Droidkast.LIVE! You may know about him from his YouTube channel,, but he’s also an Android Engineer at Pixite Apps, a speaker in many events and organizer of Droidcon Boston.
I’m sure we’ll learn a lot from him!
His talk will be called «What Android devs wish they had known when starting out». He’ll get a dive into what Android developers wish they had known when moving beyond Hello World and starting their careers.

Join and send me your questions to ask him during the interview!

[3] Joe Birch – Modularizing Android Apps

13th February 2019 – 3PM CET

Joe Birch is confirmed! He’s an Android Lead at Buffer, Google Developer Expert for Android, Google Play and Flutter, instructor at and Public speaker. He’s also a volunteer for Sea Shepherd UK! So we’ll have a lot of things to talk about.

His talk will be about modularizing Android Apps: what they are, their benefits, how to modularize features and the possible issues we may find.

Join and send me your questions to ask him during the interview!

Link to the recording

[2] Huyen Tue Dao

21st January 2019 – 4PM CET

Huyen is our next guest! She will come to tell us how she became a software developer, her experience becoming an Android developer, a  speaker. She will probably want to tell us something about her passion for games 🙂

Huyen is currently working at Trello, which many of you may use. She is also the co-creator of Android Dialogs: a YouTube channel where they interview many Android developers. You probably have seen her in one of the many events she attends.

Join and send me your questions to ask her during the interview!

Link to the recording

[1] Fernando Cejas – The art of coding: disasters and failures

14th January 2019 – 4PM CET

Fernando joins to tell us a little about his story and his hobbies, and then he gives a talk about common software engineering disasters, failures and mistakes and how we can get the most out of those lessons in order to learn and write/develop better software

If you don’t know about him, Fernando has been working as a software developer and developer advocate for several companies such as Soundcloud or IBM. He’s been a speaker in many (many!) events. He loves talking about good practices in software development and how teams can make it to work better together.

Link to the recording

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