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I had the honor to have Fernando Cejas as my first guest for Droidkast.LIVE.

We talked about almost two hours about lots of things, related to his life, how to balance work and life, interview processes, sharing with the community, new technologies…

1. The video

Disclaimer: Droidkast is a live video show, which means that especially the talk in the second part can be difficult to understand without the visual aid.
You can always watch the original episode on YouTube here:

2. The interview: Main questions

  1.  Tell us a little about your story: where are you from, how was your childhood and what led you to start in the world of software development?
  2. I knew about you when you were at Tuenti, here in Spain. Was it your first job? How did you end up working in Spain?
  3. Then you moved to SoundCloud Berlin. Was it difficult to move to a country with a different language?
  4. Do you think that non-native have to fight more to get the same recognition? How have you felt on that aspect?
  5. You talk a lot about kindness and to help each other as a way to grow yourself. How do you think this has helped you in your life, and how do you apply it to your day-to-day?
  6. I know you’re nowadays a big fan of cycling. Have you always been into sports before or that’s a recent hobby? How do you feel this new hobby is impacting your life?
  7. When you think about your long-term future, how do you see it? Do you think you’ll devote all your life to software development?
  8. If you had to recommend just one thing to our listeners, about anything, IT related or not, what would be?

3. The talk: The Art of Coding: Disasters and Failures

The talk was an interesting journey through many of the coding mistakes we usually commit, and how to prevent them:

Software engineering and technology is about constant evolution, which mainly involves continuous improvement. And in order to achieve it, there is long path ahead of us, which many times is not easy to follow up.

Jump onboard in this journey about common (or not) software engineering disasters, failures and mistakes and how we can get the most out of those lessons in order to learn and write/develop better software.

4. Links mentioned during the interview

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I’ll come back soon with new awesome guests!

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